HTML5 Introduction

HTML5 is the next version of HTML4. It is the combination of old and new HTML elements, sometimes new attributes in existing elements plus new JavaScript API implemented in the browser. These new HTML5 elements and API provide more features and flexibility to the developer to build a web application more attractive.

html5 introduction image

Difference between HTML4 and HTML5

1. Since HTML5 is the next version of HTML4 hence there are new features and elements were added which was not in HTML4.

2. HTML5 has the ability to integrate video and audio elements into dom which was not in HTML4.

3. Browser parsing information need to be add in HTML4 however no need to add parsing information into HTM5.

HTML5 Tags

  • audio
  • video
  • section
  • progress
  • nav
  • meter
  • time
  • aside
  • canvas


Html5 also provides some APIs that help to create web applications.

  • Geo-Location
  • WebStorage
  • Webworker
  • Websocket