HTML Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1

How many heading tags are present in HTML?

A. 1
B. 6
C. 5
D. 3

Question 2

Which attribute in HTML Tag is used to identify a unique Element?

A. Id
B. Type
C. Class
D. None

Question 3

Which HTML Tag is used to define description data?

A. ul
B. ol
C. dd
D. dl

Question 4

Which tag is used to define quotations in HTML?

A. quote
B. blockquote
C. block
D. None

Question 5

What is the correct syntax to write an HTML comment?

A. // Comment
B. #Comment
C. <!--Comment-->
D. /*comment*/

Question 6

Which Attribute is used to set border colors in HTML?

A. border-color
B. border
C. Both A and B
D. None

Question 7

Which HTML Tag is the root element of an HTML document?

B. Body
C. Head
D. Foot

Question 8

Which HTML tags is used to add a row to a table in HTML?

A. tr
B. th
C. td
D. None

Question 9

Which of the following are examples of block-level elements in HTML?

A. div
B. h2
C. p
D. All

Question 10

Which tag is used to include Javascript in HTML?

A. link
B. script
C. select
D. None