HTML Interview Questions

Q11. What is web storage in HTML5?

Ans: Web storage is used to store static data in browser decreases the load time because it does not fetch from server..There are two ways to store Local and Session Storage

Q12. Difference Between PUT and POST Method?

Ans: POST Method is used for Sending the Data to Server for Inserting record and PUT Method is used for Updating the Data in Server.

Q13. What are the media Elements in HTML5?

Ans: <audio>,<video>,<source>,<embed>,<track>

Q14. What is semantic HTML?

Ans: Semantic HTML is coding style

Q15. What is stylesheet?

Ans: Stylesheet contains the CSS, Which is link in HTML document to apply CSS in HTML Tags

Q16. What is marquee?

Ans: Marquee is used to put the scrolling the text in web pages

Q17. What are Empty tags?

Ans: HTML Elements are the elements that has no content. Example <br/>

Q18. Is DOCTYPE is HTML Tag?

Ans: No, <DOCTYPE> is declartion, It Tells about the HTML Version

Q19. Different types of Video Formats are supported by HTML5 ?

Ans: mp4, WebM, Ogg

Q20. Different types of audio Formats are supported by HTML5 ?

Ans: mp3, WAV, Ogg

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