HTML Interview Questions

Q1. What is HTML?

Ans: HTML Stands for HyperText Markup Language, It is Language which is used to create web pages on the web.HTML will run on all browsers with a ease

Q2. What are Tags and Attributes in HTML?

Ans: Tags are the basic building blocks of HTML, It Design the structure of the document and Attributes are the properties in HTML tags such as Id, Class

Q3. What are Void Tags in HTML?

Ans: Tags that does not have closing tags like <br/>

Q4. List of formatting Tags?

Ans: Formatting tags are tags that are used for format the text in HTML Document

1. <b>
2. <i>
3. <em>
4. <big>
5. <small>

Q5. What is Cell padding?

Ans: Cell padding is the gap between the text of the cell

Q6. What is Cell spacing?

Ans: Cell spacing is the gap between two consecutive cell

Q7. What is a link and anchor tag?

Ans: Anchor Tag is used to create the hyperlink in page where as link tag is used to reference external document in html.

Q8. What is the latest version of HTML and its advantages?

Ans: Latest Version of HTML is HTML5, Its has Multimedia support,It allows to draw shapes

Q9. Difference Between Inline and Block Elements?

Ans: Inline Elements are not start with new line where as Block Elements are start with New Line

Q10. Is Drag and Drop possible in HTML5?

Ans: Yes,This is possible with drag elements

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